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Meet-up with friends for bar trivia

Grab your smartest friends and head out to a trivia event in real life! View questions, submit answers, and access the leaderboard right from your mobile device. No paper and pencil required.

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Trivnow bundles video broadcasting and group video chat right into the platform. Giving you a way to participate in virtual events without the need for multiple applications or devices.

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Why players love Trivnow

Whether it's an in-person event at a bar or a virtual show, players love the Trivnow experience.

Love this app! Makes trivia so easy to participate in.

  • Emily Wilhite

This makes playing so much easier and safer.

  • Brittany Shaw

Was already amazing when I tried it a year ago and they only keep getting better.

  • De Klerk

This software makes pub trivia easy to play, whether it's live and in person, or streamed online. I've used it both as a player, and a host, and it does an amazing job at facilitating the game.

  • James Key

A great way to play personalized trivia games right from your phone. I can see this getting big, and being able to pop on almost any time and find someone hosting.

  • GentJim Norton

Been using this app during pandemic to participate in trivia on twitch. It has been great! Also useful for in person/live trivia to provide a contactless experience for players and host. User friendly. Gives ability to set up teams and to video or voice chat with teams via the app.

  • Saroota

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