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What are the contest rules for Trivia Tuesday?
How do I play in Trivia Tuesday?
Simply download the Trivnow app and head to your favorite venue in town every Tuesday from 7-9pm EST.
Are location services required?
Yes. We require locations to ensure all players are at a participating venue for Trivia Tuesday.
What is the format for the event?
Two events every night, one at 7pm and another at 8pm EST. Each event contains 36 questions covering 6 categories. Rounds 2,4, and 6 are bonus rounds where the wager values are 2x, 3x, and 5x their normal values.
How are points calculated?
Points are based on the amount of points you wager and the speed at which you answer. You gain points only when you answer correctly. You can lose points during Free Wager rounds.
What are wagers?
Wagers are a way to reward confidence on a specific question. If you are confident about an answer, wager the max amount. If you're unsure, wager the lowest amount. You can only lose points during Free Wager questions.
What are Free Wager questions?
Free Wager questions give you the ability to wager any of the points you've already earned throughout the course of the event. If you answer incorrectly during these rounds, YOU WILL LOSE POINTS! So be sure to wager responsibly.
If you can only gain points on questions that are not Free Wagers, why would anyone choose to bet anything less than the max?
Players can choose to wager a smaller amount on questions they are unsure of. Wager amounts are a way to reward confidence in an answer. So if you are super confident about an answer, use the highest wager amount available. If you're not so sure, use the lower wager amount.
How can I win cash?
Cash prizes are awarded to the top players on the global leaderboard at the end of each round and game on Trivia Tuesday.
How much does it cost to play?
Nothing! It's completely free to play!
How do I claim the prizes awarded from venues?
From the Trivnow app. House-cash winners can redeem their prizes from the Trivnow app clicking the trophy icon on the Home page. You can redeem your prize 24 hours after the event has finished.
How will I be paid if I win on Trivia Tuesday?
You can cashout your prizes from the Prizes page - which is accessible via the Home page by clicking on the Trophy icon in the top right. You'll receive an email from PayPal with a link to get access to your winnings.
How are ties handled?
There are no ties on Trivnow. All answers are tracked for speed down to the millisecond.
How do you stop cheating?
We have a bunch of built-in tech to catch cheaters, but even with that some people will still try to cheat the system. Ultimately, the people who submit answers quickly will get more points. This makes it hard for people to cheat and win.
What happens if I lose internet connection during an event?
You're able to rejoin any event.
Do I need to have WIFI to play in the event?
Nope. The event will run smoothly with at least 3G.
How can I get in contact with Trivnow if there is a problem?
You can email us at support@trivnow.com - you can also hit us up in the DM on Twitter and Facebook.

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