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What is a TrivMaster?
A TrivMaster is, typically, a human with a passion for trivia and entertainment. They are commonly found quizzing other humans at watering holes throughout the world.
How does being a TrivMaster differ from being a trivia host?
The main difference between a trivia host and TrivMaster is their tool-kit. A trivia host will print off answer slips, provide pens and pencils, tally and track points manually, and run wires to display questions on televisions. A TrivMaster simply opens the Trivnow app and gets going. This leaves TrivMasters with much more time to engage with players.
How does hosting a trivia show work without paper and pencil?
You ask a question, give players time to answer, and then reveal the answer when you're ready. Checkout https://trivnow.com/host for some great examples of how it looks.
Do players need the Trivnow app to play?
Yes. The Trivnow app is used to keep you and your players connected during (and after) the event. Players submit answers to questions you ask from the app and we'll notify your followers anytime you schedule a new event. In addition, you can send questions to your followers anytime to keep them engaged.
How do prizes work?
However you'd like. You can workout whatever arrangement you'd like with the venue for prizes and you can add them to the event. Typically, we recommend 1st/2nd/3rd place prizes as $30/$20/$10 house-cash.
Are there any limits on number of players?
Is there team play?
Yup! You can setup your events as team play or individual.
How does team play work?
Players can create teams along with a team key. Players simply provide the team key to their smartest friends to join. Questions will appear for everyone on the team but only the first answer submitted by a player on the team will count.
How much can I customize my event?
You can customize A LOT. From the question timer, wager options, multiplier options, speed bonuses, and question formats. You can even brand your events with images and display advertisements at anytime.
Can I really make $100+ per show?!
YES! Since TrivMasters negotiate directly with the venue owner and collect the money directly from the venue, you can charge whatever you'd like. We're all about giving you a platform to have fun and make great supplemental income in the process!
How much are venues willing to pay for a trivia show?
The average starting price of a weekly trivia show is $125-$175 and quickly reach $200+ based on players. And make no mistake, venues are willing to pay big bucks if you can grow a crowd. We recommend starting at $50-$100 per show, then increasing the amount you charge based on number of players you have. Typically, venues are willing to pay 10-20% of revenue generated from the trivia night.
Do I have a limit on the number of shows I can host each month?
How do you stop cheating?
We have a bunch of built-in tech to catch cheaters, but even with that some people will still try to cheat the system. Ultimately, the people who submit answers quickly will get more points. This makes is hard for people to cheat and win.
What happens if I lose internet connection during an event?
You're able to rejoin any event.
Do I need to have WIFI to host the event?
Nope. The event will run smoothly with at least 3G.
Can I charge an entry fee at the door?
You can, but we require you list in the description of the event.

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