How to Play
📱 Download Trivnow - Trivia Night
Download the Trivnow app to your mobile device. You'll need the app to join the event, view questions, and submit answers!
🤓 Gather your team
You'll want to build a team with a lot of useless knowledge in a lot of topics to reach the top of the leaderboard. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see the categories in the next event!
🤔 Decide on your meet-up spot
You can participate in Trivia Tuesday from ANY bar, restaurant, or brewery. So pick your favorite venue and head out with your team for a real-life trivia night!
Getting Started
Simply tell your patrons to download Trivnow on iOS or Android.
Yes, it's really that easy to get going!
If you'd like to leverage features that increase turnout, checkout our Premium features below.

Upgrade to a Premium
venue for just

per month
Post your own prizes!
Increase turnout at your venue by posting your own house prizes for players who compete at your venue on Trivia Tuesday.
Display promotions and specials to your players.
Up-sell players by showing advertisements and promotions in the app. You can also display your advertisements 24/7 on televisions using the Trivnow TV app.
Gather feedback from your patrons.
Ask survey questions to your patrons about your venue right from the app.
Priority placement on Trivnow
Premium venues on Trivnow are given placement at the top of the list when players are browsing for nearby venues.
Players earn TrivPoints 10x faster
TrivPoints offer players in-app prizes such as Hints.
No contracts or start-up fees.
Cancel anytime from our website without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other hardware required besides the app?
Nope. You can choose to purchase an Amazon FireStick to display questions on televisions but that's optional since questions appear on players devices.
Do players have to be on wifi?
Nope. Any cellular service above 3G will work well!
How do prizes that I post for my players get issued?
Prizes are issued to your players from within the Trivnow app. It's all tracked from the players Prizes page.
How long is Trivia Tuesday?
2 hours. We run 2 games every Tuesday. Each lasting 1 hour and starting at 7pm EST.
Can you only play from Premium venues?
Nope! You can participate in Trivia Tuesday from any bar, restaurant, or brewery. Premium venues offer more features. What's included in Premium?
How do you stop cheating?
Players are rewarded based on how quickly they answer. This makes cheating and winning mutually exclusive.
Do you offer any other night besides Tuesday?
You should checkout our TrivMaster Service which makes it easy to host a trivia show any day/time you'd like!

Still have questions?