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Attract new customers, and excite existing ones, with a Trivnow show at your bar, restaurant, or brewery.
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Trivia night your way

Trivnow's flexibility and ease-of-use gives you the ability to customize a trivia night to your needs.

Boost your visibility

Stand out with in-app marketing and digital in-venue advertising to reach a larger audience and increase sales.

Connect with customers

Turn customers into regulars with an engaging trivia experience that gets people talking and coming back for more every week.

Mobile-first marketing!

Tap in to the Trivnow network to reach new customers in your area.
  • In-app marketing

    Expose your brand to new people in your city who are looking for trivia nights!

  • Harness digital advertising

    Run advertisements on televisions and player devices connected to the event to promote new products and specials.

  • Stay connected

    Players can follow you directly to get notified about your upcoming events and quickly join events - no event key required.


Over events hosted

Trivnow is loved by players, hosts, and venue owners from around the world.

We had a great time! Excellent host!!

  • jShipp3

Lots of fun! Enjoyed with the family!

  • KimH

Every category was amazing! Esp the game food one :-)

  • drewperlman

A personalized trivia experience

We've re-imagined trivia night for the 21st century to make events more personalized, engaging, and fun!
  • Accessible to anyone

    Players can participate in the event from our website or mobile app available on iOS and Android.

  • Delight players and staff

    No running up answer slips or dodging servers. Players will be able to see the question, submit answers, and more from their mobile device.

  • Getting better every event

    Trivnow makes customizing a trivia night quick and painless for the host. The outcome is a more engaging experience that's tailored to your customers.

A show that gets people talking

Trivnow delivers a unique trivia experience at your venue that'll keep people hooked and coming back every week.
  • Special rewards
    Players will receive in-game rewards that give them a free answer or doubles the point value of a question.
  • Reactions and chat
    Players can post messages in the game chat or respond quickly with built-in reactions that combine fun text and emojis.
  • Performance & prize tracking
    Players are able to track their performance and prizes right from the Trivnow app.

Control your costs

by choosing the best plan for your venue.

Create your own questions and host your own Trivnow show to boost staff-patron engagement and control costs.


We'll connect you with a seasoned Trivnow host in your area to host the show. They'll handle everything needed to deliver an engaging live experience at your venue.


  • Do players have to download an app to play?
    Nope. Trivnow offers both web-based and native mobile apps that players can use to participate in events.
  • Is it really free if I host the event myself?
    Yes! You can create as many questions, setlists, and events for free with Trivnow. No player limits :)
  • How does payment work?
    We only accept electronic payment with credit or debit cards. No cash is accepted.
  • Does my venue need a wifi router?
    Nope. All players need is a smart phone or tablet with internet access. No extra hardware is required since everything appears on players devices.
  • Can you play in teams?
    YES! Most Trivnow shows are team-based and we make it easy for team members to view questions and suggest answers to their captain in real-time!
  • Do you provide any support?
    Yes! Whether you have a quick question or want to schedule a free training session for your staff, we're always available to help. Reach out to us anytime at
  • Bring the Trivnow experience to your venue

    It only takes a few minutes to get started!