Bring a unique live experience to your venue.
Grow a trivia community at your venue with the most exciting trivia platform on Earth.

Completely Paperless.

We've built our shows on a digital platform that makes hosting trivia as easy as pushing a few buttons. Leaving more time to engage with your patrons!

Control Your Costs.

Trivnow gives you the ability to negotiate the price of your show directly with your host. No contracts or fixed pricing.

Create a Unique Experience.

Your host will tailor the categories, questions, and game format to your trivia community. This gives players a truly unique experience only found at your venue.

Virtual & Live Events.

Trivnow is the only trivia product that can run both virtual and live events. Giving you the flexibility to engage with your community at your bar or when they're at home.

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Questions & Material
You can use questions curated by our writers or create questions of your own. We provide everything from free response to drawing rounds so your players will never get bored.
Endless Customization
Unlike other trivia companies that have a standard game format, Trivnow has no standard game format. Your host (and players) will create a truly unique experience only available at your venue.
Trivnow TV
You can display questions, the leaderboard, and venue specials on as many televisions as you'd like using the Trivnow TV app.
Marketing & Community
Every show has its own web page that contains information about the next show, leaderboards from past shows, and more. We also promote your show to Trivnow users in your territory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Trivnow show cost?

Unlike other trivia companies that have contracts and fixed price set by the company, Trivnow empowers hosts and venues to negotiate the price of the show. This gives you complete control over the length and format of your show.

The average starting price for a Trivnow show is $80/show. Hosts typically offer up services at an introductory rate and renegotiate as the shows attendance grows.

Host does Trivnow make money?

Trivnow charges 25% the cost of the show. This means if you pay the host $150/show, Trivnow will receive $37.50/show.

This makes Trivnow the only hosting company where hosts make more than we do.
Seriously, google it.

How do I pay for the show?

You are required to input a credit card to the system and it will be billed at the end of every show.

You are feel to cancel anytime from our website, emailing us, or reaching out to your host.

What happens if the host doesn't show up?

No worries! Trivnow is the only trivia platform that handles both hosted and automated shows. So if the host doesn't show up AND no replacement has been provided, the event can run automated without a host.

Do I have to use a Trivnow host?

Nope! You are more than welcome to have a friend, staff member, or even you can host the show! Since Trivnow is entirely digital, hosting is easy and a lot of fun for anyone comfortable in front of crowds.

We also have a technical documentation site and a way for you to practice hosting right from the Trivnow Host App.

What if no one shows up to play?

We leave all payment discussion up to you and the host. If you have a low player count the host can decide to not run the show OR charge you below the negotiated show fee.

How will you bring new people to my venue?

Trivnow is not just an app, it's a community of trivia players. Unlike other trivia companies that only host events at bars and restuarants, Trivnow offers both live events and virtual events. This allowed us to grow one of the largest communities for trivia players in the world with users around the world.

We tap into this network to let players know of new shows starting up in their area.

Is it only Multiple Choice questions?

Nope! We offer more question formats and variations than any other trivia show. That includes Free Response, Audio, Image/Gif, Multiple Choice, True/False, Drawing, and many more!

What is the Trivnow game format?

Trivnow doesn't have a standardized game format. Each Trivnow show is uniquely shaped by its host and players. The categories of the event, the number of questions, and even the wager options available are uniquely customized to your trivia community.

Leaving you with a live entertainment experience only available at your venue.

Are there any setup costs or equipment required?

Nope! Trivnow runs over the internet. No special routers or devices. Players need nothing more than the Trivnow - Trivia Night App for iOS or Android for participate.

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