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Players participate from the Trivnow app. No answer slips or tallying points.

Customize everything from the scoring mechanics to the event location.

Create your own questions or generate a setlist from our bank of questions.

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per month
Get your 1st month free!
Paperless trivia night.
No reading answer slips, tallying points, or running wires.
Get questions for your events.
We provide you with a setlist of questions for your shows. You can also create your own questions!
Track scores and share events on social media.
Each event you host will have a unique page that will keep track of scores, prizes, and more to make it easy to promote your events on social media.
Build your own brand of trivia.
You are in complete control of your game format, questions, and flow. It's all about how you want to engage with your players!
Leverage the Trivnow TV app.
Display your questions using the Trivnow FireStick TV app or using your web browser.
No contracts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other hardware required besides the app?
Nope. You can choose to purchase an Amazon FireStick to display questions on televisions but that's optional since questions appear on players devices.
Do players have to be on wifi?
Nope. Any cellular service above 3G will work well!
Is there a limit on the number of players in an event?
Nope. You can have an unlimited number of players in your events.
If I am a venue owner, do I need to hire a host from Trivnow?
Nope! Most of the skills trivia hosts have (outgoing, personable, friendly) are things you look for when hiring staff. So if you have someone on staff interested in hosting, we can help train them.
How will you help market my show?
Any of your scheduled shows will appear in the Trivnow app for users within 25 miles of your shows venue to see. In addition, anytime you schedule an event we will send a notification to all of your Trivnow followers.

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