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Create questions, setlists, and events that can be managed and edited in real-time from any device.

Create engaging multiple choice and free response questions with media, source information, and an amazing amount of question settings to create your unique style.


Combine your questions to create setlists that can be used in numerous events at once. You can also import or export setlists of questions using an excel file.


Create, clone, schedule, and manage in-person and virtual trivia events. Customize your events using wagers, freebies, speed bonuses and much more to give players a unique experience.


Host events from any device!

Host from a laptop, desktop, or your phone! You can even broadcast live video for virtual events right from your phone. 🤯
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They're not just players, they're your community

Trivnow gives you tools that help you grow and engage with your community in exciting ways.

Players can follow you to make it easier to join your events without using an event key and they'll get notified when you run events.


Add your username on popular third-party payment platforms to make it easy for players to send you support. We currently support PayPal, Patreon, CashApp, and Venmo.


At the end of every event players are able to provide you with a review and rating. These reviews are only viewable by you and will help you better understand what players love about your trivia night.


Players are able to share reactions for everyone to see. It's a fun way to engage with players and get some real-time feedback on your bad jokes.


We give players a quick way to send you a referral or book a private event. No better way to expand your bar/special events than leveraging your players.

The Virtual Stage

Never host virtual shows alone again. You can invite members of your audience to join you on the virtual stage where they'll be seen and heard by everyone in the event.

Mobile-first marketing!

Tap in to the Trivnow network to reach new customers in your area.
  • In-app marketing

    Expose your brand to new people to grow your community of players!

  • Harness digital advertising

    Run advertisements on televisions and player devices connected to the event to promote new products and specials.

  • Stay connected

    Players can follow you directly to get notified about your upcoming events and quickly join events - no event key required.


No more creating slides!

Connect your event to Trivnow TV to seamlessly display questions, answers, the leaderboard and more on televisions or secondary windows.

Why hosts love Trivnow

We work very closely with hosts from around the world to create an intuitive hosting experience for all.
Trivnow has made my life as a trivia host super easy and stress-free. I host an event live every week as well as a virtual game every week, and the fact that my players can play from anywhere in the world, along with their friends with a safe and easy-to-use app is incredible. The developers have taken the time and necessary steps to ensure that the app is both safe to use, and very user friendly. My venue owner has said multiple times that he appreciates the fact that players can answer via their phone, especially in this time of COVID. Players also don’t need to walk around the venue to turn in answers, so it keeps foot traffic down, allowing servers to get around the bar easier. I would absolutely recommend Trivnow to anyone who is currently hosting or is looking to host. The question-import system and robust features it offers to both the host and players is second to none!
HeinSight Trivia
We’ve been using Trivnow to host brewery trivia since May 2021. We wanted to be able to host trivia in person, but remain socially distanced and eliminate the paper/pen exchange between host and players that we used to use. We have about 40 teams play each week between 2 locations. The user interface is clear and easy to use for both hosts and players. Players love being able to read the questions and keep track of their score during the game. As hosts, we love how easy it is to load questions, run the event, track scores, and award prizes. The Trivnow team is super responsive and has helped resolved any issues right away. Highly recommend this app for trivia hosts and players.
Mapps Trivia
Trivnow has been an absolute blessing for my quizzes. No longer do I need to spend a lot of time checking and marking answers, or trying to quickly calculate scores on Excel. It allows me to focus on hosting the quiz, and provides the smoothest quiz experience for my teams.
Ajay West Entertainment
I tried out several platforms to figure out the right fit for my game. Trivnow has the right combination of host tools, features, and a user-friendly interface. Over the past 15 months I’ve done over 250 virtual trivia events and I couldn’t have done it without Trivnow. They’ve made hosting so easy - everything from pre-made slides to question management, scoring/timing, and point customization which are all adjustable on the fly. From the very start Trivnow has been open to feedback on A) how they can improve the program for hosts & players and B) what features they can add to make the platform work best for YOUR game. The dev team is constantly rolling out updates and improvements based on host feedback – including mine!
Speakeasy Trivia
I'm so glad I found out about Trivnow when I switched to virtual trivia in March 2020. Getting started was straightforward and I was able to recreate my game's format using Trivnow's scoring and organizational features. Receiving submissions and scoring is simple for both me and my players, yet I still have the flexibility to make live changes depending on how the game is going. I've used Trivnow for every single game that I've hosted online and can't imagine hosting a game without it!
Footnote Trivia
Trivnow has been a complete game changer for my weekly trivia gigs. I started using it during the COVID lockdown so I could host virtual trivia, but it’s proven so useful that I’ve given up on running pen-and-paper games. It not only makes it easier for me to manage the game, but my regulars have enjoyed the simplified experience. And the Trivnow team has been tremendously responsive, jumping in instantly whenever an issue comes up (and gracious when it inevitably turns out to be something I screwed up).
B-Town Trivia
We've been using Trivnow for over a year now and I can say with certainty that it has saved my business AND improved it tremendously. It's super easy to use both by players and host. 10 out of 5 stars. Couldn't recommend it more!!
Drink N Think Trivia

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are there any event or player limits?
    No player limits. Host as many events as often as you'd like.
  • If I create my own questions do you share them with other hosts?
    Nope. Every question you import or create on Trivnow is entirely your own. We do not circulate or allow others to access your questions.
  • Can I ask free response and multiple choice questions?
    Yes! Upload an excel file of questions or create questions on our website or mobile app.
  • Do players have to download an app to play?
    Nope. Trivnow is available from a browser or mobile app.
  • Do you offer any tutorial videos?
    Nope! We believe the best way to learn is by doing. We offer a hosting simulator that you can run as often as you want to get comfortable hosting with Trivnow.
  • Can you run automated events with Trivnow?
    Yes! Configure your event settings, question settings, and set your start time. Then let the robots run the event - just don't expect them to engage much with your players.
  • Do you provide any questions?
    Yes, but we charge $100/month for access to our questions. You're provided with 72 new questions each week and you can access any of the thousands of questions already in our question bank.