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If you love trivia, this is the part-time job for you.

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What is bar trivia?

1 in 6 bars and restaurants in the U.S. host a weekly trivia night.

Trivia night is a very common marketing tool for bars and restaurants to engage with their patrons and generate recurring business.

Engagement with patrons is the strongest driver to growing your trivia night.

Trivnow will handle the tallying of answers, allow players to submit answers from their device, and keep you from having to monitor for cheaters - leaving you with more time to engage with players and grow your crowd!

Get paid to have fun at bars and restaurants.

A typical trivia night costs a bar or restaurant $150. That's about $7,000/year in supplemental income for 2 hrs per week of fun!

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Get questions for your events!
We provide you with a setlist of questions for your shows. You can also create your own questions!
No paper and pencil.
Host your event using nothing more than the Trivnow app or website.
Get access to marketing materials.
We'll provide you with both paper and digital marketing materials to help promote your show.
Deter cheaters.
Players are rewarded more points based on how fast they submit answers. So if you take time to cheat, you'll most likely be answering after someone who knew the answer.
Get help starting and growing your show.
We'll work with you to find and grow your trivia night at a venue you want to actually be at. Your shows will be visible to Trivnow users within 25 miles of the shows location.
Ask questions as free response or multiple choice.
Customize each question you ask to spice things up for your players to keep them coming back.
Keep Patrons Comfortable
Why do players need to run up answer slips? Doesn't that get in the way of the wait staff? Does anyone really want to exercise on trivia night? These are the questions we asked ourselves, then we built Trivnow.
Spoils Cheating
No one likes cheaters at trivia night. So not only do we deter cheating by rewarding players with more points for quickly submitting answers, but we also catch and disqualify cheaters. If we told you how, we'd have to kill you ;).
Mobile-First Marketing
In today's mobile-driven world, players need the ability to share prizes, leaderboard results, event accolades, and more with friends, directly from their device.
Automatic Reminders
In an effort to help you promote your events, we notify your Trivnow followers when you schedule an event.

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