You provide the entertainment.
Trivnow will handle the boring stuff.

Create and manage trivia events from any device.
Build custom setlists to use in events, configure your events to fit your audience, and enjoy never having to read an answer slip again.

Customize your event and questions to fit your players.
In addition to question multipliers, speed bonuses, and available wagers, you can ask questions as free response or multiple choice.

Display your events on televisions.
You can display your event on a TV without the hassle of running wires using our Amazon Fire Stick app. It displays the questions, leaderboard, and much more.

Grow your shows, grow your revenue.
Leverage the size of your crowd to sell ad space to your sponsors. Ads you upload are displayed on our TV app and our mobile apps to players in your events.

Personalized event pages make promoting events simple.
Social media is a powerful tool when promoting trivia events. Leverage our built-in event pages to make promoting and sharing your events on social media easy.

You charge the venue.

Trivnow is a powerful tool that handles all the mundane tasks of a trivia night, leaving you more time to engage with your players.

We charge you nothing :)

Don't just a host, start entertaining!

Keep Patrons Comfortable
Why do players need to run up answer slips? Doesn't that get in the way of the wait staff? Does anyone really want to exercise on trivia night? These are the questions we asked ourselves, then we built Trivnow.
Spoils Cheating
No one likes cheaters at trivia night. So not only do we deter cheating by rewarding players with more points for quickly submitting answers, but we also catch and disqualify cheaters. If we told you how, we'd have to kill you ;).
Mobile-First Marketing
In today's mobile-driven world, players need the ability to share prizes, leaderboard results, event accolades, and more with friends, directly from their device.
Automatic Reminders
In an effort to help you promote your events, we notify your Trivnow followers when you schedule an event.

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